The correct use and maintenance of batteries prolongs service life
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The correct use and maintenance of batteries prolongs service life
Generally speaking, the normal service life of a car battery is 2-3 years, but if used improperly, it may damage or shorten the service life of the battery, so the owner should use the automobile battery correctly at ordinary times.
Battery usage note
1, flameout, it is best not to use the vehicle electrical equipment for a long time, so as not to damage the battery.
2, flameout, do not use the external power supply equipment. Many owners are standing car vacuum cleaner, portable air pump, but do not use in vehicle flameout state, because of the relatively large power equipment, electricity consumption will keep light car battery in the starting of the car is normal.
3, do not forget to turn off the headlights after parking. Owner Mr. Wang went to Hangzhou driving, parking storage after second days to forget to turn off the headlights, vehicles directly break down. Rescue workers at the scene gave him a battery maintenance course.
4, long time parking should be charged regularly. When the vehicle is idle when the battery will be consumed, so don't forget to stop when the car battery charging.
Self checking method for accumulator
1, age
General battery effective for a period of 12-24 months, the car battery life is 2-3 years, different brands and types of battery is not a warranty. Near summer, the owner must pay attention to the validity of their own batteries, the owner has exceeded the shelf life needs extra attention, even if it can successfully start the vehicle, but also need to replace in time. Batteries are consumables, not durable goods, when the expiration date, the core material has been in the "sub health", the possibility of any failure at any time, so we should uphold the initiative to replace the 3 years of good habit of raising the car.
2, look at the car condition
Integrated battery usage time, pay attention to the use of vehicles in the daily driving details, such as the ignition is smooth, headlight brightness, use of electrical appliances and other issues, in order to determine the car battery usage.
3 、 measuring voltage
For the visual observation of the battery, and practical ability of the owners, experts also give a more objective self-test way, you can at home by the multimeter to determine the voltage to determine. Voltage is the reason that drives the charge to produce current, and the voltage is divided into open circuit voltage, charge voltage and discharge voltage. The battery on the package indicates 12V, and the open circuit voltage is above 13V. The test result is not enough, 12.4V needs to be charged in time. The test result is not enough 12V, it is recommended to replace the battery.
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