What do you mean by car brake 4 piston 6 piston?
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The brake system consists of disc brake (also called disc brake) and drum brake.

Piston calipers belong to disc brakes. Nowadays, most of our passenger cars use disc brakes, which are composed of brake discs, brake pads, brake booster pump, slave cylinder and brake calipers. We usually talk about the piston caliper, which is the device to push the friction plate against the brake disc, so generally several piston calipers represent how many individual pistons there are.

More pistons do not mean that the contact area between the piston and the brake disc must be large. Because most multi piston calipers don't have the same piston size.

We know that when multi piston calipers are braked, the brake fluid will pass through the pipeline on the calipers, press out the pistons on both sides, and push the brake pads to contact with the brake discs at the same time, so as to achieve the braking effect. The total number of pistons is generally two or more, and the total number is even. The arrangement of pistons is also different due to the different stress direction of the brake pads when they are abraded with the discs.

Taking six piston calipers as an example, some products have six pistons of the same size, some in large, medium and small arrangement, some in large, small and medium arrangement, some in small, large and small arrangement. The pistons of different sizes can gradually achieve good braking linear effect when they need different braking strength, and reduce the sudden braking feeling, which is commonly known as "foot feeling" better, and The wear of the brake skin will be more even.

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